The predictions for Aquarius according to the stars
The predictions for Aquarius according to the stars |


Letting the Sun invade you may be difficult if you only see the clouds, but being sure that after all the clouds there is still a blue sky will comfort you.  You are facing a harsh period as for the relationship with your partner caused by a familiar issue which will work the worst possible way and, besides, unexpectedly. 

The emotional hurricane you are enrolling to may destroy what you most love. It depends on you letting yourself go or holding onto it not to fly away. Maybe you should talk to your partner about your feelings to fix everything up. 



From love to hate there is only one step, and from wealth to poverty too. At least for you. You would be capable of reaching great amounts of money with a little business adventure. Find something you can combine with your actual job and go for it! 

Having your own source of wealth and some precaution money is something you like, but you are always finally defeated by risks. You can change it if you focus on asking an expert for help. 



Getting used to your environment may be difficult for you, but as far as practicing a physical effort is concerned, be careful: you will find it rough. Being willing to cope with everything is something you can exploit in any field of your life. 

If you do not give importance to the weight you life in the gym, you will be able to lift more kilos without  much difficulty. We are the ones who set our own limits and going through them is something a very few people is capable of. You are not in this group.