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Undoubtedly an exciting week regarding your love life, Aquarius. You'll find yourself attracted to people outside of your relationship. Could it be a problem? It depends. 


Do you think that you could enjoy feeling wanted by someone without actually acting on it? This is the best option for Aquarius natives that are already taken. A bit of philandering never killed anyone. 


Wednesday will be a special day as your significant other will be more in tune with you and they'll know how to satisfy you. It will be a great opportunity to forget about all the flirtatious nonsense. 


Single Aquarians will have a tougher time, however, because the person that you're interested in keeps using the carrot and stick strategy with you. The best day to approach them will be on Friday or Saturday, and Venus will be on your side. 



Natives of this sign will enjoy financial balance this week, and if you're an Aquarius, you will be more than happy with the wage you get for the work you put in. This is a rare occurrence so make the most of it. 


You could always strive for more, Aquarius. As the week progresses, you will be faced with opportunities to further your intellectual development, and you'll learn useful skills to help you navigate your professional environment. 


In fact, it looks like Aquarius natives are getting the bug of ambition this week. One of your colleagues, whom you share responsibilities with, will be promoted which will give you an opportunity to rise through the ranks. So get your head in the game and learn as much as you can so you are ready to take on your new role. 


The first step towards getting what you want in life is believing you're worthy of getting it, Aquarius. 


At the beginning of the week, you might have to pay someone a visit in the hospital. It could be either a loved one, who you'll make extremely happy with your presence or someone who isn't in your immediate circle of friends, and you're just making a courtesy call. 


You will be extremely energized this week, and the best way to manage your resources will be to organize your home. 


Some of this excess energy will cause your mind to wander to places it shouldn't. You'll be invaded by unwanted thoughts, but you'll be able to balance them by engaging in some DIY activities. 


Come Friday, you will be tempted to go a bit crazy on the partying but you need to rest and make up for the lost sleep. If you do want to go out, you might not even be able to stand because of how tired you are, Aquarius. No one likes to be out at night feeling like that.