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For Aquarius natives, the fire of passion will be reignited during this week. You'll feel particularly inspired which will enable you to successfully get close to that person that you're interested in. 

You'll be faced with some uncertainty regarding your love life because of external factors so that generosity will be crucial on Tuesday. Show your affection by making small gifts or gestures. Do you know what your significant other likes? 

On Wednesday, you'll experience a positive vibe which will persist for the rest of the week. Not only with your partner but also with your loved ones. You'll have a good week as long as you manage to stay away from controversial statements. 

Single Aquarians will find themselves inexplicably infatuated with someone who isn't usually their type. Rules are made to be broken, however, and you'll soon learn many unexpected things about that person. 


You won't be as lucky at work and this week will be quite challenging for you. You're stuck between boredom and the itch to start exploring new territories. 

As the days progress, however, your spirits will lift, and you'll be able to cope with whatever the week throws at you. You'll find the fun in those mind-numbing tasks at your workplace. You're an Aquarius, and you're capable of anything!

The limit on your credit card will force you to face reality and slow down on the spending.

You tend to fix your problems with money, Aquarius, which can result in uncontrolled spending. Try mending the things that you can, before going out and buying new ones. 

Sunday you'll find the inspiration you thought you had lost, and next week will be undoubtedly better! Look at these few days as transition periods, and you'll be just fine. 


Your routine and good habits will be your lifelines because during this week your motivation to keep up with a healthy lifestyle will slightly drop. 

You have to go to be earlier on Tuesday and try to keep the constant thinking to a minimum. You are not your problems, try to keep the negative vibes from work, at work. 

Wednesday you'll wake up in a brilliant mood, and you'll feel incredibly energized. That is the precise boost that you needed to analyze your feelings and sieve through the negative emotions.  

Don't forget to listen to music as a means of relaxation. Whenever you're feeling sad, you can press play on that playlist you like so much, and enjoy — guaranteed relief.