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You will start the week feeling a little isolated and withdrawn. You either have things to finish, or you need more time for yourself. This week you won't be too in touch with the exterior world, not even with your closest friends. 

You will also struggle to accept other people's point of view. It's already difficult to find your own answers, let alone accept so readily what others tell you. The reason for that, more than anything, is that you don't consider them to be on your intellectual level. 

Your heart will soften during the weekend and you might even reconnect with someone special you thought you had lost.


At the beginning of the week, you will experience a change in your workplace that will undoubtedly benefit your finances. You could benefit from this if you remember to act diplomatically.

Your quest for the truth and the fact that you are not willing to settle for less might result fruitful, provided that you don't use your results to, as they say, bite the hand that feeds you. 

Thursday, 8 November, will definitely be your best day; everything you set your mind to will be a success. The stars forecast an extremely positive influence from someone that supports your interest.  

With only a few minor nuisances that will keep you preoccupied, the rest of the week will be just as successful. The difficulty is minor, and you will come out on top, Aquarius. 


If you are on a diet, Aquarius, this week you will give yourself a break from the rigid self-imposed discipline. 

This is an Aquarius characteristic, you need to escape your own rules every once in a while, so you can prove yourself that you can make your own decisions, that you're not just following orders like a robot. 

You will start caring more about the image you project in the world, and you'll stop being indifferent to skin care products. If you don't look after your skin Aquarius, you'll get wrinkles. 

Remember to get enough rest, it will give you glowing skin and help balance your weight.