Magic Horoscope November   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Give your heart away at the right time

During this month you'll have no other choice but to lower down your expectations for your partner, Aquarians. There'll be events that will make you disenchanted, although you'd rather see reality for what it is, harsh and tough, instead of living a lie.

Still, you will keep meeting surprising individuals. They definitely are, but you should give them time to express themselves the way you want, not the way you want. Make some free room for your loved ones to be their true selves and you'll see your everyday life fill with magic.

As the month goes by, your chances to heal the wounds of your past will increase, and you'll build up some self-confidence inside you through socialising with others.

Having some alone time every now and then in the midst of your social life will help you see relationships with some perspective and to really know what you want in your life, Aquarians.

Money: Trust your imagination

Neptune will be a key planet for you in this upcoming November. It'll be a powerful loudspeaker for your imagination. And the best thing is, you'll know how to get it going.

The downside to this is that Neptune loves distortion; thus, lies at work and financial scams will come around more often than the rest of the year.

Lucky breaks will be quite on-and-off... One day you've got it all, and you're in a financial pinch the next! This erratic influence will make you reflect on how timed our existence really is through material goods.

Health: A month of excess

Oh, dear... Bad companies will tempt you all through the month. Parties here, nights at the bar there... There's lots of excess coming this November, even though it's the preview of Christmas. You should stay as much in shape as you can or there'll be no way to lose the weight later!

Even so, your health won't see many foul consequences coming. You'll stop right in time, with that clueless wisdom all native Aquarians possess. You don't seem to know what you're doing, but then you always keep a curious inner balance.

Don't rule out a medical check-up. Some discomfort will make you undergo a standard check-up. Much needed, but it won't reveal any important issues. You can feel at ease.