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You begin your week with your Saturn behaving like Uranus, and that will make you feel like a fish out of water. It will be hard for you to feel comfortable with someone, but it is nobody's fault. You just don't like intimacy with other people right now.

According to your astral position, be ready to expect bad opinions, teasing, and arguments by the people around you. You'll receive so many opposite energies this week...

If you are willing to start a more steady relationship with that special person, your friends will interfere. They will show you how unhappy and discontent they are with your decision, no matter what. And you didn't even ask for their opinion!

As the week goes by you will feel more confident toward the rest of the world. You will focus all your tenderness, loving and affection on those people who saw you grow up. Your family is the center of your heart and you will spend all your time on them.

Those Aquarius who are single will have some special encounters that they don't expect at all. This is because of the conflict that Uranus and Saturn are having in your Aquarius' sky! You will swing between loneliness and sociability.


You will perform better at work than in your love life. You will have good communication with your coworkers, and your energies will focus on ending your pending tasks.

Carrying out two tasks at the same time and succeed, and work at a good pace will give you excellent results. Use these skills to make the most of your time.

If you have personal projects, you still have a lot of work and effort ahead of you before you even see any results.

It is the right time for you to show what you really wish, especially if you have been looking for a job for a long time, Aquarius. Take a look to those job offers that you are really interested in and try your best to achieve that job you want.


Now that you are more efficient at work, this is also the perfect week for you to start being more disciplined in your healthcare. 

Your duties are to rest more after your long work days and stop chewing so much gum. This is what is interfering in the correct functioning of your intestines.

Beware when the weekend comes. You will be tempted with food and it will be really hard to go back to your diet afterward. Try contenting yourself with a nice piece of sweet fruit.