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The beginning of this week is a bit melancholic for you. After so many love stories and so much lived with special people, it's just normal that sometimes you go back to those memories. Maybe you aren't content with your current love life?

The present is your best chance to be happy. Recalling is fine, but you take the risk of getting lost in past times. You should avoid it whenever possible.

It's true that your relationship is going well now, but you have negative thoughts and prevent yourself from realizing it. Your situation is not that bad. Sometimes we need to reflex in search of our feelings.

This is not the right week for you to start moving out or making drastic changes. After this period, you will be 100% sure if the person you are with is the right one for you. Sometimes we tend to think that there is someone better outside, waiting for us.


You are a bit apathetic by the beginning of the week. If you don't take a look at your feelings, the days will be longer than you think. Is that what you want, Aquarius?

If what you do doesn't stimulate Aquarius, they usually get bored fast. This mood will chase you around during the whole week. But you know what?

Wednesday can be a very interesting day for you. Some co-worker or friend of yours will come up with a project that can make you both earn a lot of money. Involve yourself as much as you can, and you'll see how your talents and skills come to light. 

Focus on improving what you already know, but also dare to learn new abilities that will be necessary for the future.


Stress can be fought with food too, Aquarius. Help your body with products that contain tryptophan, like cheese and bananas. Healthy and energizing!

You need to check some of your dietary habits which, together with stress, aren't helping you lose weight and make you feel like you can achieve the goals that you set.

This week is perfect for you to make new decisions toward your body. You need to do activities that make your body feel better, and you will overcome any bad condition that you had. Cheer up!