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The week starts quietly for you. The only problems that you may have are related to your past. There are some memories that still hurt, but if you keep yourself busy with your friends you will forget about them.

Love means accepting both the positive and the negative aspects of your partner. Now you are starting to realize that this is the meaning of real love.

Those Aquarius who are single will have high chances to meet someone who will make them regain their self-trust. They will not be influenced by their past and will want to live new experiences.


A new work and economic horizon is expanding in front of you. Today you will be affected by the Sun's energy. Those who are Aquarius are very likely to receive this energy, and it intensifies in them.

Check your moral values to give you the impulse that you need. Then you will be able to focus on the important project of your life

You will be creative and very inspired this week, which is a very positive aspect when it comes to doing your job properly. You need to always exercise your mind, Aquarius.

Make sure that you save money. By the beginning of November you may have some unexpected expenses.


Checking your health every once in a while couldn't hurt. Even if you don't feel anything weird, that doesn't mean that you can't have health problems in the future. It's better to be cautious.

Positive feelings are the best remedy to maintain the energy that the universe is providing you with.

Sometimes you confuse reality with your imagination and so you don't really evolve on a spiritual level.