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You have to deal with too many duties when the week begins, but fortunately, you are at your best. You partner understands that you have important things to do, but won't be able to help to feel a bit resentful, Aquarius.

Beware on Tuesday, because you may be required somewhere. Someone close to you will need you to emotional support.

The rest of the week will be normal. You will be calm when facing little adverse situations, like arguments or criticism, and will know how to deal with it. You get to see the positive part of everything.


You work issues will mix with your urgent economic transactions concerning your domestic economy. This is a tough week for you, Aquarius.

It is time that you renegotiate your employment contract, don't postpone it anymore. Because if you don't do it on time, you may find that your boss wants you to have more responsibilities —with no higher salary, though.

You don't usually care much about money. But this weekend you will spend way more than you need. The positive part is that the more free time you have, the better ideas to earn money you get.


You will recover from the illnesses that you may have, and your progress to better health is constant. However, your skin could have some problems.

On the other hand, you want to improve your body shape. You will be interested in healthy diets and exercise. 

Remember that the clothes you wear or your body posture are also important for you to look good.

You will go back to some hobbies that you no longer do. This will help you realize that you are paying too much attention to the physical aspects of your body. Being happy is also important for our health. We also need time for enjoyment.