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Are you in love with someone? The moment you set eyes on them, you fell head over heels in love. Cupid will be very careless about his job!


But the stars point out that the man or woman you like sees you as a dreamer, perhaps a bit clueless and lost in life...


You definitely shouldn't mingle with the kind of people living life with too much of a pragmatic flair to them. They'll want to cut your wings because you dared to think big, Aquarians.


Before you keep false expectations alive, it's best to let some time go by and lose some of your "love madness". Avoid seeing them too often and restrict your access into their social networks.



There are tasks you'd already done which you'll have to undo because of last minute changes imposed by the managing board. Quite a waste of time! Well, they're the ones who know if that's the way they want to manage their employees. There's no point in getting mad, Aquarians.


If you work from home, unfortunately your day off will be disturbed by a request from your most direct manager. It's uncomfortable, but you'll have to make it happen, or someone could easily steal your spot.


The stars point out that making more money in the future will depend on the connections you create with people in your same field of expertise.


Today might be a good day to edit your profiles on business networking sites such as LinkedIn. (And if you still don't have one, you might want to get it already!)



There's nothing better for you than staying home, Aquarians. You've been dealing with a rocky week, and the weather outside doesn't seem much more welcoming than the warmth of your blankets.


You'll get time to prepare a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner, thus restoring some of the balance you're missing nutrition-wise. You haven't done too well with your diet throughout the week, Aquarians, let's be honest.


That's why charging up within your home and doing something you like which doesn't require stress from you will be soothing and help you get better.