Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Neptune opens a pathway to the most intimate of beliefs, and this time your thoughts will revolve around love. We grow up thinking that love is always positive, or even the thing that will save us from all evil lurking around. But... is that so?

You've suffered at some point, but that doesn't stop you from constantly seeking perfection, and that's a mistake! It's the contrast between our expectations and what eventually happens in reality what takes us away from true love.

The greatness of love is something else than just a "positive" bandaid that eases our pain. Fully developed true love also means falling in love with the negative side of the other person.

You might be entering the second stage of love, where the veil of attraction is lifted and you can see the other person for who they really are. The question that the stars are bringing up for you is: do you share something else than good times in bed with them?


Neptune's transition is favouring your creative skills, but you won't really know how to make them work for you in your job. If the tasks you do aren't stimulating enough, it'll be hard for you to do your best.

The most likely thing to happen is that your daydreaming will keep you thinking about anything else but being productive. This transition also points out that you might skip work because of unexpected major issues.

On the other hand, today's the perfect day to explore new and surprising alternatives to make money. Going to a casino or entering lotteries could do well for you, Aquarians. If you play, Lady Luck will show up!


Dreaming too much will stop you from getting alerts from your body. In some way, you're trying to deny yourselves; or you get lost in a world full of imagination where everything is the way it should be, just because you're not entirely comfortable about your shape.

Make this world your best dreaming spot. The characters of a videogame always have to do things that shoot them into transforming into the best version of themselves. That's what should happen with your health! Set some small goals for yourselves.

For instance, today you could go walk for 20 minutes, and in a few weeks' time, run non-stop for 20 minutes! The goal is to banish inactivity once and for all, Aquarians.