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Aquarius Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



Peace and calm in love are overrated. The moments you'll remember in the afterlife are those that make you breathless, when you had to deal with a little chaos.

It's most likely that, whether you know it or not, you're in a love triangle. Don't worry, if your relationship isn't completely exclusive, just think your goals through.

Does this person give you everything you need and always show up to your dates? Then, you should realise that perhaps they have needs you can't satisfy. There's already someone else managing that. Less work for you!

If you're single, you'll get the chance to experience new types of relationships and to dare make your true wishes more visible, without caring about what people might say. That's the spirit, Aquarians!


This unavoidable lesson will help you to listen more to your heart. You should have listened to your instinct more. It's a hard day when you'll fall face front against a reality you don't like.

Living carelessly always has consequences. From now on, you'll be more careful when splashing the cash.

Don't turn down the good advice of someone who wants to see you well. They'll help you to live life from a pragmatic and fun point of view. Duties don't always have to clash with happiness, Aquarians.


A time to hold back was just what you were hoping for. Staying away for a while from trends and fashionable spots allows you to look inside and find certain pending issues.

Devote a few minutes every day to see how your heart's doing. Are your emotions positive or negative? Growing part of your spirituality thanks to reading and body-balancing activities are more than necessary for Aquarians.

Control your salt intake because you're prone to high-blood pressure, especially more so as some planets have a tense transition across the universe. If you want to replace salt, try using some spices to season your meals and make them super flavourful.

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