Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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You can't get someone you recently met out of your head. In fact, you could spend endless hours chatting almost on a daily basis... And it's quite likely that you haven't even met in person yet!

The stars point out that maybe you two met in an unconventional setting. Perhaps a dating website or a social network...?

Anyway, fate has good news in store for you! What started out as friendship could become true love, Aquarians.

Although it won't be that good for your current partner to know. A naughty Aquarius will be leaning towards flirting.

You should be aware that being excited about someone outside your relationship is just a pointer that it's time to end your current romance and risk it all to give in to true love.

That person is who makes you feel special! Don't ignore those feelings any longer, Aquarians, because life is very short.


Right now you have a series of fun facts under your wing that are highly appreciated in the business world. If your wits are sharp enough (which they are), you'll soon become rich and famous thanks to them.

You've chosen to quit trying to fit into everyone else's expectations. You're focusing into going deep into what you like! Aquarians, you were born for this.

It's normal to have doubts, but to guide your path, a female figure will come around to make things easier for you. It's someone who will cheer you up when you're doubting yourselves. A protective soul that the stars sent your way.


You've been putting up with that killing back pain for days. Aquarians' lower back can really feel the strain. And to top it all off, aside from having a weak lower back, you're not taking the right measures in your daily activities.

Now that the harm is done, resting, massages in the affected area and using back braces are your available choices to escape this painful and annoying situation.

Once the pain goes away, you should know you need to make your back stronger. Swimming or pilates will make these pains less and less frequent every time.