Aquarius Daily Prediction for 10 October

Wednesday's Aquarius Forecast
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |

- Love
- Money
- Health


Your overwhelming mind will be in very close sync with those people you've felt attracted to for a while... Today your world will be turned upside down, and you'll be the prey instead of the hunter! All the energy you've been sending away is coming back.

You should be especially interested in looking attractive and having a casual date here and there, but avoid getting committed! There's nothing wrong about that, especially if you just came out of a break-up.

No matter how much people try to criticise you, what those easy-to-judge individuals feel about you is complete envy. They would rather be in your position and be able to choose and have fun with no consequences ahead. Seize your time, Aquarians.


Your spending might have gone a bit too far, especially because when you go out, you don't assess any possible consequences and you think you can get whatever pops out among the rest of your routine.

Working on your eccentricity is beautiful and it reminds you that you're unique individuals, as you should be! But you'll have to find alternatives to your consumerist behaviour. Otherwise, you'll get in serious trouble and you might not make it to the end of the month.

Setting life priorities is an art that you must work on, Aquarians. Try to purchase just one exceptional item in areas where you really need it, such as a curious piece of clothing that helps you dress up for special events.


There's no point in losing weight if you lose your health in the process, Aquarians. Feeding is quite closely linked to the love we might have received during our childhood.

Thus, you could also experience the opposite situation, starting to gain weight and not being able to do much to control it. An influence from a badly arranged Jupiter could bring some negative emotions back from the past.

Oftentimes, food issues reveal unsolved emotional situations. There's nothing wrong in admitting that you've lost control. There's many people around you willing to help and to give you all their unconditional love and support.

Hiring the services of an expert is an option you could consider, Aquarians. All around the world, many people request the help of psychotherapists to have their previous optimistic perspective on life back. You're not alone!