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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Aquarius Horoscope for Monday September 10th

Monday's Aquarius Forecast
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Your partner will find the understanding they need so much in you today. That's great, Aquarians. Your steady emotions will be a board to hold on to in the middle of the emotional storm they're crossing.

Because you're able to convey all that calmness, everyone will love being around you today, and they won't be able to tell exactly why. It's a subtle influence that comes straight from you.

Children will come along and look for your company. If you have children and they're little, they'll be more affectionate and clingy than usual with you. You should spend some time playing around with them.

You'll be able to win the heart of the one you love through respect. It's more than likely that you'll be good friends before you become lovers. That's the perfect situation for Aquarians!


Whenever someone says you can't do something, just prove them how wrong they are. Especially more so because it's the way of showing yourselves that you've got an active, ongoing willpower.

But don't go to the extreme and load up completely on all the stones you find along the way. You should get your life sorted out first before you try to lighten up everyone else's load. Try solving everything your way and you'll see yourselves progressing more quickly.

Soon you'll get news at your job which will imply better income on your bank account. That's great!


It's a pretty harmonious day health-wise. Your body will feel active and ready to face whatever comes along.

Why don't you invest part of that energy into doing exercise? Energy attracts energy. This could make a difference and take you from feeling just fine to feeling over the moon.

If you're planning on going for a run, don't forget to wear the right shoes. You're running the risk of getting injured on your calves or ankles, so watch out!