Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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It's a mistake to get away from the person who loves you... Sometimes you might not like what you see from yourselves in the other person. After feeling vulnerable and opening up, something inside you says you're wrong. You can't help it. That's how cautious you can be sometimes, Aquarians.

But if you wait up and are patient, love keeps growing like a tree that holds on through many storms in time. You need to experience more of life together to create strong, lasting bonds beyond words.

Silence the part of you that says you're wasting time with them, that everything will come to an end sooner or later... Life is bound to end at some point as well, but we have to do something with it all the while, right? Love makes your path to happiness real smooth.

If you're trying to win someone's heart over, today you'll have lots of arguments and misunderstandings with the person who made your heart skip a beat. Don't worry! You need this in order to progress towards real mutual understanding.


Are you trying to persuade others to take your point of view as the truth? One way or another, communication and idea exchange with others will be really important and intense in your life during this time of transition.

E-mails, letters and all writing activities will find solace and boost in Aquarians. That way, you'll easily achieve every goal you set through communication.


The stars will give you a brand new desire to take care of yourselves. For some unknown reason, your personal care is currently on an on-and-off period.

Today your most important task will be to take care of yourselves, to listen, love and heal yourselves. Be your own top priority, Aquarians, because you're okay, and if you aren't, you will be now.

All areas of your body are important, Aquarians. Paying more attention to your elbows wouldn't be too bad an idea... Get rid of their dryness with some moisturising cream, or they will hurt.