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Aquarius Horoscope for 12 December

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Today's teachings come along courtesy of Jupiter. Your expansion and generosity will be right on the spotlight. They'll be necessary sacrifices for a partner or someone you love dearly.

Sacrifice, as the word implies, means giving up on something very dear or close to your heart, Aquarians.

This is a real mess, but you should consider that you can restore material goods; however, once a relationship is broken, it's nearly impossible to fix it.

Trust the power of Jupiter and open up to others. Your resources might be limited, but you'll be greatly useful with your humble contribution. Your efforts will be dutifully rewarded in the future by your loved ones.


Control your finances, because you'll need the money. Meet-ups with co-workers aren't free, but you should rest assured: they'll be very fruitful for you and your career if you choose to come along.

It's important that you're seen as a social animal who's interested in the business environment, especially if you're trying to get a promotion. You'll need your colleagues' support.

If you study for public examinations, not going out and controlling every penny will be perfect, so now you know: try to have fun from home and maximise whatever little income you get.


Human papillomavirus (HPV), also known as mouth herpes, is a disease which reappears every now and then after the first contagion.

Don't worry if it comes back again now. Your slightly low immune system might be behind this, but it could also have been induced by sudden temperature changes or a high level of anxiety.

Aquarians, you need a specific cream that's easy to snatch at pharmacies. Don't put it off for later, because if you treat this illness on time, it won't go any further, and you'll stop it from scattering around your face.

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