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There's no problem that doesn't bring something extra along with it, Aquarians. Those seemingly endless arguments actually help you to get rid of whatever lies are hiding behind the relationship, making it much healthier.

If there's couples that never have any arguments, there's at least one of them keeping quiet about everything!

Everything that happens has a goal and a lesson to enrich your life. Pluto is a wise planet, and right now its influence on native Aquarians is helping to find the truth, no matter how painful it may be.

You'll have a conversation you'd put off for a long while, but it is much needed to make your relationship status clear once and for all.

You might find that by accepting certain truths, you're making it easier to tread the path to true happiness.


People are highly appreciative of items like electronic devices, cars, money, clothes, jewels... All of them are material goods that could be easily replaced, or just don't say much about who you are.

Stop worrying about being judged because of these external criteria. Right now you could be investing your time and money into more important affairs. There's no use in stashing money away without enjoying your free time just because you want to pretend you're successful.

Start by appreciating what you already have! You're incredibly fortunate, but you try too hard to wish for what you don't have. Abundance will come into your life when you learn to appreciate your current achievements.


Have you been feeling tired or tremendously depressed lately? The food we bring into our bodies have an influence on how we feel. Perhaps it's time to look at what you're eating, Aquarians.

Overprocessed foods have something to do with that lack of energy. They make you feel full, although your body is taking in mostly empty calories. That's where the lack of drive comes from!

In the same way, having too much coffee, tea or alcohol can lead you into feeling depressed.

Pluto's transitions make you especially sensitive to the properties of food. Our recommendation at the Magic Horoscope is for you to try and have some vegetables, at least for the next few days.