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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 12th September

Prediction for Wednesday
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Avoiding confrontation is your best long-term choice. It doesn't do you any good... But today, it'll be unavoidable. If people are trying to get to you, it isn't a matter of staying quiet all the time either!

Today you have the chance to end a recurring, conflicting issue once and for all, whether it involves your partner or life at home.

While you're arguing, don't forget to remind the other person that you still love them. This isn't about winning by humiliating your opponent; you have to reach respectful consensus, Aquarians.

If you don't have a partner, you'll find someone who can reply to your ideas quite interestingly. But watch out, because what seems attractive at the beginning could easily become something annoying later on...


Today you'll have to stop that colleague at work who doesn't know when to stop talking, Aquarians. You have goals and tasks to get done, and still, that person will seem to be oblivious to your efforts.

You should act cautiously, because otherwise you might get them mad and they'll be able to make up the most imaginative of stories on the spot. Be very careful with earth and water-based signs today!

As far as your finances are concerned, it'll be pretty easy to make some choices that seem risky at the beginning, but for which you managed to find advantages that others can't see.

Good luck on your purchase of plane or transport tickets. You'll find amazing deals and discounts if you buy them today!


Sometimes you have to go through the worst to be at your best. As natives born under an air sign, you're usually scared about health issues. You're not used to getting sick! But yes, sometimes it is your turn, Aquarians.

That painful treatment, that scary surgery... those are absolutely necessary. Don't avoid what's best for you any longer, because the sooner you act, the sooner you'll recover!

Find support on your closest, dearest people. Keeping up a positive attitude will speed up your recovery.