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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for December 13

Prediction for Thursday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



This message is especially important for single Aquarians: Uranus encourages you to unleash your potential as far as love is concerned...

Create a completely unexpected plan to win their heart over, because all the signs point out that luck will be on your side. It's finally time to take the lead and make their attention focus exclusively on you.

The Magic Horoscope would like to inform you that original, fearless people is the kind of person that your beloved is attracted to. That's perfect! No one's better than you at making people open-mouthed.

If you're already seeing someone, you could apply this information to your relationship, although you'll have to be a little less eccentric...


Uranus is here to unleash unstability at work. There'll be changes around your company, and you could even be saying goodbye to your current job. You won't feel too sorry, though, you'd been thinking about that for a while...

Break your chains, Aquarians. You're perfectly capable, and self-confidence within is growing every day. Now's the time to boost yourselves and try out your luck at other more profitable jobs.

Even if you have to keep starting over, don't compare yourselves to others. You don't know if that confident mask is hiding away the greatest of despairs. Follow your own track and get risky; otherwise, there won't be great rewards coming along.


All this uncertainty can feel overwhelming. In these changing times, you need a safe haven where you can shelter yourselves.

Have you tried yoga yet? This exercise will make you believe that, by being flexible and adapting easily, you won't ever have to fear change again. Your body's good state brings calm and stability to your thoughts.

Unleash that secretly piled-up tension through massage. You can give yourselves a massage on areas like your legs. Releasing pressure off your overworked areas takes your mind off of erratic thoughts, and of course, improves your physical situation and eases the pain.

Mind and body are part of the same entity, even if our Western culture still can't embrace this truth.

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