Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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You and your partner will find out that each of you as individuals is mysteriously fascinating or attractice, and that your relationship is tightly bound together, intense and induced by emotional forces that none of you understands to a full extent.

Strength, manipulation, control and a battle of the wills could be the important issues to your relationship, and most of this goes beyond the things everyone can see. You're not used to this at all, Aquarians.

When there's a positive environment, you can help out one another and be encouraging so that the other person can express their creative gifts or unleash the forces that have been buried deep down or repressed. You can help your partner express themselves more energetically and confidently.

You'll find people who will cause you great inspiration and the desire to get more intimate if you're single. And lucky for you, they'll be receptive to your charm!


You think a lot about your career, your reputation and how others perceive you, and today the stars will make you go out and speak in public. Communications of other types will probably be important for your position too.

You need to control the choices you make out of emotional impulse. The power of emotion is good for nothing and it can even be dangerous if there's no mind behind it controlling emotions.

Your job hunt could end soon, because you're finally giving your research the right direction and you're finding good openings. You'll soon get an interview, so you should just be ready.


If you eat rotten food or have a foul digestion, you could eventually throw up. The position of distressed planets such as Neptune makes these incidents more likely to happen.

It's important to have home remedies at the ready to fight back ailments, and especially dehydration. One of the best known and most efficient remedies is ginger.

Besides, it has many other qualities to fight back fluid retention, which is natural in Aquarians, and accelerate metabolism.