Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You might feel really comfortable taking part in a love triangle. Right now, all you care about is fun, anyway. And being honest, that person doesn't attract you enough to make them your "official" partner.

Maybe you're thinking that it's in your best interest to not have that person around and ready to meet you so much. It's a way to have more time for yourselves, or perhaps it's because too much attention makes you overwhelmed.

But energetically speaking, it's absolutely terrible to share vibrations with a 'third wheel'. Do you even know what that means? It's as if you shared the bed with the person that's being cheated on, in some way!

That's why the stars are completely against cheating, Aquarians. It doesn't bring any good vibrations into your life, and you're definitely not doing a favour to the person who's being cheated on.


Jupiter gives you a wider, expanded mindset. Your willingness to explore outside your comfort zone is in an upward trend. Might it be that you're getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again? If you play your cards right, you could take a serious leap into a different lifestyle.

Now's the time to finally do what you love. The thing your parents or peers tried to steer you away from, whether it is Humanities, or Arts in general.

You have real skills which will soon be appreciated by someone. You might get suddenly hired to do a job that could be the start of your new life. Upload your work on a blog, Aquarians, and trust yourselves!


Today's just another day to devote time to your hobbies. Think about it: in the same way you devote some time to eat and do basic scheduled activities, why not spend some time working on what makes you happy?

With your brain free from the grip of tension, you'll be able to work so much better through your everyday life. Reaching the end of the day feeling thankful and satisfied is so much better than always longing for the weekend to come around!