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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Forecast for Thursday
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You're in a permanent honeymoon since you found the one! This is no time to hold back, Aquarians. Live your feelings to the fullest and be faithful to your bliss with that person.

Still, as with everything else, the negative side to this will be the jealousy you'll create around you. Might it be because you're the only one among your friends who's dating now? Then, you should limit the intel on your intimacy over the social networks, Aquarians.

If you're still single, you should think that it's a matter of time before someone shows up. Once that person is on your target, everything will occur just naturally.

Don't force yourselves to feel attracted by someone for whom you don't feel anything out of peer pressure, no matter how handsome or beautiful people around you think they are...


Today you'll be quite lucky at work, because you'll feel everything is smooth sailing and that you're doing your best. You've come to understand that routine is necessary. It's even got some beauty about it.

You don't want to go back to those days when you felt desperate to get a job. You understand your current situation makes you more fortunate than being around the house doing nothing all day!

If you still haven't managed to find what you were looking for, stay active and help around through volunteering. It doesn't matter if you don't get paid, Aquarians, because you'll find quite interesting (and useful) contacts.


Don't let work outshine you and stop you from having fun away from it. Breaks are important too! Otherwise, you'll soon grow tired of work without any reason for it. Doing too much of the same thing is boring, and especially more so for you, Aquarians.

Pleasure demands a schedule of its own. It's a terrible mistake to think that we can only do what makes us happy in those odd free hours we have. The right time will never come if we think that way, because there'll always be "something to do"!

Start by devoting more time to fun, nature walks or just having some quiet, intimate time with your partner...