Aquarius Magic Horoscope for October 14

Daily Prediction for Sunday
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- Love
- Money
- Health


If you're fortunate enough to have a partner, be more thankful than ever to have found your current companion. It was a miracle to find someone who's so much alike, and who complements you so well at the same time.

Open your eyes to the miracle of matching. In fact, it's quite usual to let the shawl of ordinariness wrap you up, but this is what takes excitement away and makes us less enthusiastic about life.

Today you'll be able to experience some passionate moments with your significant other. They'll also remind you how wonderful you are. Love is all around you.

If you're single, you have fantastic friends that everyone would want for themselves, Aquarians. There's people who can only find support in their partner, and they have no emotional support when the slightest argument takes place. That's not your case! Soon you'll find someone too.


Your tendency to splashing the cash away is digging a hole that you'll have serious difficulties to escape. Take the stars' advice, because this'll be a really tough situation for you, even if you can't picture what's coming.

Having to take money from your long-term savings should be enough of an alarming sign. Remember the reasons you first thought of to gather that money? Let it be there for a reason and don't go spending it, Aquarians.

Breaking your promise isn't a good idea at all if you already made deals to pay off a debt, whether for someone in particular or for a service. Basically because you need it as soon as possible and you don't think you can go by any longer without getting the job done.


Social networks are good to communicate and avoid spending resources, but using the Internet too much keeps you 'logged out' from the real people around you.

Meeting up with someone could be the perfect excuse to have a nice walk under the sun. You haven't changed up your routine in a while, you always go back and forth from home to work!

Besides, technology promotes an unhealthy sense of inactivity. In the long run, your muscles won't be the same. Now's the time to get them into motion, Aquarians.

Take care of your inner selves by receiving smiles and kind looks in your social interactions. Messaging services and networks will never be able to replace or fill the void of certain basic human needs.