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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 14th September

Daily Prediction for Friday
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Your kind nature and good vibrations make you priceless individuals when a crisis arises. Thanks to your personality, you're absolutely likely to shed some light over your environment.

Today you'll have to take care of your home. Problems seem to attack anyone living in it. Your advice, comfort and emotional support will be quite necessary whether you're asked to help or not, Aquarians.

You'll be naturally inclined to give yourselves to others and won't feel like it's your duty. It's usually difficult to open yourselves up to emotions, but today's sync between Neptune and the moon will bring out your most human side.

If you live alone, you'll feel like the house is falling over you. Going out and socialising are goals that will demand part of your time.


Today's a day for financial prosperity, so everything will keep going smooth in your life the way it's always done. You know how to keep what's yours, and that allows you to keep storing goods and items in preparation for the day after tomorrow.

In the same way, if you need institutional help, such as financing or a loan, the planets will be in favour of your plans.

Your financial comfort is based upon your appropriate personal balance, so stay that way. You're essential at work, or an ongoing financial source for financial sustenance.

Your only risk is falling prey to compliance and being excessively generous to others, because it can reduce your income more than it should.


Your great energy and good health come from the excellence of your personal relationships. They fulfill you, and without them, you'd feel empty. And that's not normal for you, Aquarians!

You'll see yourselves more than willing to help around with other people's problems and to motivate them to be better. You can go with someone who needs some extra motivation to do sport.

Today you can be spiritually transcendent. You'll be able to know inner strengths you weren't aware of having.