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It rarely ever happens, but the person you feel so physically attracted to won't respond to your feelings the way you'd like them to...

Not because there's no feelings between you, that's not the case at all! The problem is that the stars point out you'll attracti individuals with whom it's quite likely that you won't understand each other's sexual preferences.

Sex isn't crucial for you... but it actually is! You're not obsessed with it, but you believe it is a core component to a relationship. Basically because it's fun and it allows you to be creative with your partner.

So, what can you do with this situation going on? A partner should be someone with whom you can share all areas of life.

We all have flaws, of course, but not doing well in sex is unforgivable to you. Don't be fooled, Aquarians. But friendship can still go on!


Right now you're in a sticky situation and uncertainty's invading you. Normally you take it well, but this time, you're not going to be able to go on.

Great money earnings are playing against you, Aquarians. Don't go believing you'll win the best prize heaven has in store, because it won't be so.

However, you're about to experience some interesting events career-wise which will make you feel like life is worth the ride. It all points out that you'll get a chance to do what you've always wanted to do, but with no financial benefit coming along.

Have you been waiting to be hired to do volunteer work for quite a while? Then, this is the best planet arrangement you could get to be taken in. Use this chance to be useful to others, Aquarians.


Temptation is just around the corner... But far from being a sweet treat or any other innocent issue, the dangers of becoming addicted are real.

Perhaps you've been flirting with this sort of alternative idea, and it's been good so far. Some control on your part has stopped your life from being harmed.

But this should be done and over, because you're real close to going too far, to stepping over the boundaries that set the point of no return...

Our star advice is to always stay true to your principles without caring about social pressure. Under a general scope, you won't do too well with groups: they will stand against your best interest and, ultimately, your health, Aquarians.