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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Saturday

Saturday's Aquarius Forecast
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Things are burning up for Aquarians! The stars push these natives to face their ultimate desire... You're finally coming closer to that person that makes you feel so curious... You've been watching their every move for a while, but never stepped forward.

Fate will want you to have a spontaneous, relaxed conversation. Take this chance! You'll find you have much more in common than the bare physical attraction you may feel!

If you don't want to lock yourselves into a steady relationship, turn around now, Aquarians, because things look pretty serious!

Also, someone with whom you usually share a chat or two will try to call your attention as a prospective partner.


Planets may not be the best for your finances, but they will give you enough inner strength to carry your projects into action with little resources. Today's actions will be tomorrow's plentiful bounty, Aquarians.

Now that you're in the middle of the month, you can ask for a raise and get it with no further obstacle. Your relationships to colleagues are harmonious, and that's something to appreciate.

Still, there's an overwhelming feeling about your bank account statements that won't leave you alone. Breathe and relax: by bringing back your past saving measures, you'll be better next month.


Do you manage your energy in the best way, Aquarians? You're usually very energetic individuals, but even you have limits as a human battery.

It'll depend on the quality of your diet whether you feel your internal combustion engine roar again or not. Have some fruit to increase your energy sources.

You shouldn't underestimate sleep hours either. Soon, your body's biorhythm might change, and that short yet intense rest might not be enough.

And most importantly, forget about dressing in black for a while! No matter how classy and elegant you think it is, you should dress in brighter colours, like orange and yellow. They'll compensate for your lower energies!