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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 16

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today your most Aquarian side will awaken, the one that makes you long for universal love. Compassion will be running high today, and you'll feel tenderness for the weakest kicking in.

It'll make you feel terrible to see the rights of your loved ones being stepped on right in front of you, or even in the case of complete strangers. There's chaos and despair on the streets every day...

Try to be there for your loved ones, because today you'll be truly valuable for them. Your advice will come right on cue, so don't back down when giving your opinion, because you could avoid madness from ever occurring.


Your personal power will make you do your job efficiently and quickly. Do you need extra help? Don't back down and ask your colleagues to give you a hand; they won't be able to refuse.

It's great that you can deal some power on your position, but watch out and don't abuse through your requests, because there'll definitely be someone who wants to see you fall.

However, you'll be resistant against envy and foul vibrations, Aquarians. When you're at your highest and best, you're more than over those low hits.

You'll run short of money because of selfless reasons: you must be ready to help someone dear financially. It's not an obligation, Aquarians, but that person doesn't have anyone else around to ask for help. Looking at it from a certain perspective, it won't be a serious sacrifice, because you'll recover quickly.


You'll be at a good stage health-wise, with the planets in your favour and a crescent moon positively influencing your mood.

If you've been feeling down these last few days, today you'll see a serious improvement from the day before. Your sense of humour will make you reap for some laughter and a few loud laughs here and there.

Laughter is like oxygen to you, Aquarians. Nothing compares to the good feeling you get from laughing with friends about the silly side of life. How about getting together?

Carry along a tiger's eye stone; it will help increase your sense of happiness and make you more aware about the nice things life can give you.

This is also a great stage to adopt a pet. Do you already own a dog or cat? Then you just need one more furry friend to make your pet socialise and feel their own kind of fulfilling bliss, Aquarians.

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