Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Not answering back to the first sign of defiance, whether it is real or just our imagination, is essential to have healthy relationships in life. Self-control is a must.

Think about emotions as if they were a hungry beast that attacks at the slightest chance. And you're not that primal anyway! You can always choose your answer wisely. Express what you feel, but don't stoop down to their level.

Perhaps the other person made an unintentionally mean comment. Try to think positively about other people's intentions.

And if you have strong evidence that they're trying to hurt you, stop the drama. Get away from that person's path, and follow your own way, Aquarians. Everyone will be happy!


Have you ever experienced such focus that you can't tell how fast time flies? A state of flux will come down and give you its blessing.

The level of demand at work will be high enough as to be stimulating but without going too far. It's the perfect time to let all your skills shine bright!

It'll be especially motivating for you to work with some background music. Your brain will delve deep into a sense of boosted activity that you have to seize and use to its fullest. You can try out classical music, or just instrumental pieces.

Get away from "dangerous" distractions, such as your phone or being in a room with a TV on. A day with such mental fluency doesn't always happen.


Taking minor breaks helps to ease the pressure and tension from your eyes. You'll maximise your time more with that, rather than trying to get things done any which way.

On these breaks, you should go for a refreshing walk. And take some water with you, because the sun can be too much to bear, and there's no way you'll enjoy your walk if you're thirsty.

The pain in your bones that you've recently been going through comes from numbness. You have to bring oxygen to your bare bones by making your legs work a bit. If you can go to a pool, take a swim. It'll do wonders.