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Aquarius Forecast for Sunday 16th September by Magic Horoscope

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Your feelings for that person are growing up, at the same time that love keeps getting bigger without forcing anything.

Gone are sleepless nights when you felt butterflies fluttering around your belly. Excitement changes as time goes by, that's inevitable.

Instead, you have complete trust in that person and in a good friend that will always be there to support you through thick and thin.

Life is all about stages, and as you progress through them, you'll come to accept that life and feelings are in constant evolution, Aquarians.

Single Aquarians will enjoy many dates. Someone around you may set you up for a blind date where you'll find something truly interesting...


Are arguments and fights about money really worth it? Wouldn't it be best if each party involved got their part and everyone remained friendly to each other? There's no worse evil than greed, especially more so because it takes you away from thoughts of abundance.

On the other hand, if you're separating, you'll have to learn to give. There may be people in the middle who are suffering with your hateful attitudes. Try to be more polite and civilised, Aquarians.

There's important financial and material losses that are needed to pay karma's debts and be able to move on. You'll feel your baggage getting lighter after not depending on anyone or anything.


You'll take away from your thoughts any concerns about tomorrow. What's the point in worrying when you can just act? It's a way to make use of what needs to be done.

Have you tried going away and getting distracted, just letting yourselves go? If you have a fun proposal, why not say yes? You might be gladly surprised if you decide to come along for the ride this time.

Your immune system will become bulletproof, so even if it's a bit chilly outside or you go and act crazy (like having a night swim at the beach, a lake, etc.), the stars predict there won't be any consequences after that. But there will definitely be fun all around!