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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 17

Tu horóscopo para el lunes
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Whatever issue is hurting you, don't let it sink into your relationship, Aquarians, especially if your significant other was born under a fire sign. You know that they take everything personally.

What might seem like a slight disappointment to you can easily be turned into a dramatic turn of events for the other person, and that makes you feel even worse. Sometimes it's best to try to work out your mind issues on your own.

If you need another perspective, you should ask a friend to give their impartial opinion, because their advice has always been great.

Not having a partner will be no trouble for you if you've been single for a while. Your heart feels thankful about this break. Enjoy what life gives you.


Your financial issues are squeezing you and overwhelming you from every side, and that's a fact! The current star arrangement doesn't point out that things will get better, at least not out of the blue...

Having a bad time can be inevitable, but it's up to you to unleash your weapons. You feel weak, and it doesn't help you to sink and shelter into your home.

Jump into the void of the unknown and start a new life, Aquarians. If your attitude changes, you'll break the chains of guilt and you'll get rid of that feeling of not being good enough.

If you're unemployed, your job lies abroad. It's the sort of life change you need. Don't worry about the money that transformation will require, because both your family and real, close friends will be there to help.


There's a slight health problem induced by poor choices. Out of saving money, you might be neglecting your diet or not sleeping enough for too long.

You don't really need to make big changes to become healthy again, Aquarians. Are you moving around the best environments? Do you get surrounded by positive individuals who encourage you to be a better person?

Self-love is essential to stay healthy and balanced in life.

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