Aquarius Horoscope for 17 November

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You were able to hear the call of attraction because you share very similar tastes and hobbies. Perhaps you might share elements from your past within your respective life stories.

The problem here is that one of you is tied up to a previous relationship. Even if it's kind of wilted and you feel like you don't belong to it anymore, that's not the case! Technically speaking, you're playing with fire...

This event has been set by the fates and there isn't much you can do to resist to that person that breaks into your life with all that might. You'll absolutely have some sort of secret affair with them, but with the goal of learning to appreciate what you've got at home.

After each of you focuses on their own partner, you'll be able to remain good friends over time.


Break free from certain chains that stop you from growing and progressing financially.

If you have adult children still living at home, consider the idea of them making their own living. You'll help them more by encouraging them to challenge life rather than by overprotecting them and making them depend on you, Aquarians.

You've got the right to follow your dreams and aim for the stars, don't settle for less! Right now, you're precisely entitled to getting rid of duties and commitments that aren't part of your job anymore.

Make sure you know what your real duties are and jump headfirst into that eye-opening, enlightening project.


Your recent concerns about your health are highly beneficial. Reading and doing your own research makes you even more aware that you need to take care of yourselves to live life to the fullest.

However, there should be a limit to that need of yours to self-diagnose, Aquarians. If you're not a medical expert, theories will never end, because each symptom could easily be linked to hundreds of different illnesses!

Go see your doctor to get rid of your most serious concerns. Whatever's happening to you, if you have a strong diagnosis, that'll be the only way to attack and defeat your illness.