Aquarius Forecast for October 17

Prediction for Wednesday
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All your friends will try to ruin all your efforts to get to know that person better. What does it matter if they're not on your level? Society is quite prone to judging by appearances. All you see is light, but others focus on the exterior. That's pretty sad!

You know what to do when these things happen; move on and don't care about what people may say.

This week you're in for a great event. The person for whom your heart skips a beat will finally share their feelings for you. It's as if you both wanted to light up the fire between you, but none of you dared to take the first step.

It's very important for you to seem indifferent, like you can breathe and live with or without that person in your life (although you'd much rather prefer to share oxygen with them for the rest of your lives). Fortunately, your beloved will take the lead!


The stars will give you a great capacity to carry out two tasks at once. Get some practice on that because it'll save you lots of time. Valuable minutes where you'll be able to do what you really want, not just focus on work tasks.

Today your job will be appreciated and you'll have a pretty good environment around the office. This doesn't happen every day. Be nice and try to give back to your workmates for the favours and nice gestures they have with you.

Waking up early gives you the extra time you can use to become a better you. You could also invest that time into your family, doing good things for them.

Well-used productivity will be your key today.


Do you start sneezing all the time for no reason? It might be due to temperature changes, as well as pollen floating around the air.

However, if none of these situations is what you've got going on, get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can; you might be allergic to some other element and you haven't noticed yet.

Allergies can come up over time, or even overnight. You need to get a check-up every now and then, Aquarians.