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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 18

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No matter how much it hurts to see a loved one in a relationship with the least appropriate person they could find (according to your opinion), you can't do much about it. Your sixth sense is telling you that their chosen one transmits a very heavy or even old-fashioned vibration for their age. Especially if it's an earth sign-born individual...

They know why they're together, and what's most important here, the universe brought them together for whatever reason that not even the lovers themselves can fathom. Perhaps right now they're all about the stability they can get.

Watch from afar and be there when you're needed, but only when they actually ask you for help.

Sort out your family issues as soon as you can. Your mother or father is suffering greatly, even if they don't tell you. And it might be pretty hard to let time go by without ever having made peace with them.


Are you resistant and feisty at the end of your cycle? The stars point out that you have hopes that go nowhere. Even if you're comfortable in your current position, the end of the line is coming for this business; if you're the managers yourselves, it won't go on for much longer.

If you choose to stay in your current situation, you're not only disturbing that much needed vibration change, but there could be serious financial consequences.

Give yourselves some time to take the next step, because the Magic Horoscope points out that there's trends that need syncing inside you. Once that's done, your direction will be as clear and sharp as the cut of a blade forging its own fate.


Your health is like that of a reckless beast. You feel that everything's going fine and dandy in your body, and that's how it'll be.

Move around all that inner energy, because you run the risk of stopping to a halt, Aquarians. A walk around a place with plenty of trees and plants will do wonders on your lungs.

A dentist appointment is coming. No matter how soft that toothache is, you should give it some attention today, because you just keep putting it off...

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