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In expectancy of the situation you're so ready to see happening between you two, there's no better day than Sunday to have the encounter you're longing for.

Seduction is a complex art, but the stars will be on your side. Don't think about it and go to that event where you think they'll be. Nothing like pretending to have a casual encounter to progress in your romance!

You'll have a great time together. There's no guarantee of intimacy happening that night, but in any case, you'll be one step closer from the person of your dreams!

If you already have a partner, today's a good day to make what you've always wanted for your relationship a dream come true. Any sexual concerns? Create the mood to see your fantasy becoming real. It's that easy, Aquarians!


Creativity will come calling upon your door... but it won't be the kind of inspiration that keeps you home doing what you enjoy the most. No! This creativity will help you progress professionally as long as you don't shelter yourselves off, Aquarians.

Shine bright, don't be afraid of showing your real essence, because everyone wants to know you better; especially your managers. Once you prove who you really are, that raise won't take long to come around.

It's much easier to promote someone you know than just another employee doing their work, don't you think? Stand out above the crowd, whether it is thanks to your efforts... or your personality. You're in the perfect position to make it happen!


Inactivity's killing you, and worst of all, you don't want to realise, Aquarians. Is this the life you really want?

Perhaps you might have had to stop because of an external circumstance, such as an illness or an obligation that took all free time off of you.

But now that you feel better or have more time, there's no excuse to put off taking care of your body again. That's what a fulfilling retirement and old age depends on, Aquarians.