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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 19

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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You believe in your skills, and it won't be any different in love. Even if people perceive you as intellectuals, you perfectly know how to move everyone. Your coldness, rather than a protective armour, is more like a seductive attitude.

But hold your horses, Aquarians. The person you fancy won't be too receptive to your moves. Single life is hard, but forcing things to get that long-term partner you so desperately want could ruin your plans.

In this case, love wants you to be a little more patient. Daily gestures and small things are key with that person, rather than exaggerate displays of affection.

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The planets don't recommend you to be too daring at work today either. If you're thinking about finding a new job, you should keep your current one safe instead... Appreciate the job that rewards your efforts.

Jupiter's foul transition doesn't foresee the right kind of action when things are taken lightly for granted. The little things can rule over the big ones, so stay away from gigantic proposals and highly-promising items.

Marketing will be highly mentally efficient, so before you buy, don't let yourselves go with first impressions. Get references from Internet users who are willing to give the reviews you want.


Illness is right around the corner. Don't make yourselves easy targets! Be aware of your current health status before it's too late.

A recently diagnosed illness with great chances of becoming chronic is no small matter. You'll learn to care for yourselves with some self-love and the desire to be happy.

Go to your medical appointments right on time. Do you have a meet-up with your doctor today? Show up really early, otherwise, someone else could steal your spot, and that'll be quite annoying!

Your doctor's appointment will give you hope, explain why your situation is what it is, and that'll be a great help to plan your new lifestyle.

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