Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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Be very careful when flirting with friends, because it could cause a break-up in your current relationship. There's somewhat of a fatal flair to the fact that you think you need other friends outside your romantic relationship.

It gets really hard to handle feelings around, and it's very easy for the sparks of curiosity and desire to ignite in an environment that promotes appreciation and interesting conversations.

Your partner won't be able to avoid feeling jealous, even if you just share a mental connection with no sensuality involved at all with that person.

Think about how you would feel if your partner had a better connection with someone other than you. Would you like it? This is a friendship that could shatter life as you know it now. It's up to you to let this happen, or not.


Today you'll feel quite at home with your assigned responsibilities. They could feel like too much to bear to someone else, but you'll be able to carry on with them as composed as you can be.

If some of your other relatives depend on you, you've somehow found a financial balance that allows you to move on.

If you haven't, you can apply for state aid, or ask close relatives for help, who wil gladly give you and your family whatever resources you need. They're well aware of the fact that you'll give them back what they loan you.

Don't let pride get in the middle, Aquarians, especially when not only your sustenance is at stake, but also everyone else's.


Watch out for all sorts of scams. Whether they are on purpose or not, they'll have consequences in your life. Run a double-check through those supposedly miraculous medications and find experts to give you their opinion on them.

Unfortunately, you're very likely to have to repeat a physical test. It's a bit of a rocky day, and hospital visits will occur repeatedly because of what's been mentioned above, or because someone dear is bed-ridden on a hospital stay.