Aquarius Magic Horoscope for October 19

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Going to a blind date for which a friend set you up, or agreeing to try your partner's latest crazy idea, is something you just can't resist.

You're a little annoyed that people keep you guessing all the time; as native Aquarians, you're born under an air sign, and as such, you thrive on knowing everything. But you'll sort of think that it's quite exciting not to be able to find out exactly what's going on.


You have new yet slightly risky possibilities in front of you. You're getting a glimpse of a different road that implies giving up on the path you started treading long ago, which you thought was your ultimate fate.

The loss of your known identity is always a risk to take... That's the main reason behind the existence of that old saying that goes "Better the devil you know...".

But it'll be an extreme plunge that'll make it up more than enough: you'll be able to grow professionally and do what you've always done better than anyone, without having to stock up tons of qualifications! And it's all thanks to something that's yours and no one else's: your perspective on life.

Your artistic skills could take you away from conventional duties, the same you've always hated so much, Aquarians.

Isn't it worth it to start betting on you for a change?

Polish your talents and shine bright like a diamond. Your intelligence and sensitivity are definitely your best allies.


It's normal, and even advisable, to give in to your whims every now and then. You know it isn't good nutritionally speaking, but the pleasure of flavours is sometimes too much to bear, and it overcomes any other issue.

Still, the human body has the foul trend of creating a habit. If you repeat a behaviour, it'll be really hard to control your impulse. Giving in to temptations too much implies that, eventually, exceptions will become rules, with the dangers lurking behind them as well.

Holding back is how you'll find pleasure and enjoyment in life, Aquarians. Fruit can be a delicious alternative to industrial baking and other processed goods.