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Aquarius Horoscope for 2 December

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You're not dealing with someone who's precisely easygoing, but still you feel like they bring lots of light to your life. Next to them, you learn about hidden areas of your personality, and that helps you become a better human being.


Nobody ever said that relationships were a bed of roses or that passionate sex should go about every single night, or that there should be nothing but words of love coming through your lover's mouth...


Even if that isn't the case, at the end of the day you know you can count on your beloved, the one who's taking your hand, and whatever happens, will always be there for you.


Single Aquarians need to feel happy about those great friends who always have soothing words ready. Even if life becomes too hard to handle, you feel like everything's going to be fine.



You'll step on the gas to become more productive and this will give you some free time to project your destination better and see where you want to go.


If you keep going this way, you won't have to worry again about not being enough or having someone steal what's rightfully yours. You're doing great, and soon enough people in the managing board will notice.


For those of you who are unemployed, there's no better moment to find a new job. After much reflection and realising how little you liked the way things were going, your frantic activity will have its rewards.


Keep improving your organisational skills every day, it's all you need to skyrocket your way to success. You've got what it takes to be a leader, but you need some polishing to shine bright.



Those mild temperatures on the thermometers as of lately should be the final call, Aquarians... It's time to get your trainers on and jump into the street!


Physical activity is very important for your health, but especially more so for Aquarians, because thanks to exercise you can release part of that nervous energy that's always around you.


Being natives of Uranus, your mind is always sparking with activity... Running or even walking will help you focus on the present without making your mind dwell on the unnecessary.


It's okay if it seems hard at the beginning, but don't give up! Perseverance and good habits are the key to a happy future.

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