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You hadn't felt your heart beat this much for someone in a long while... They're so different to anything you've ever known!

You're really excited about feeling butterflies fluttering for someone who doesn't match a set prototype. That's great, Aquarians, you're getting closer to finding your other half.

But what's the best way to get closer to someone so different? It's very important to keep an open mind, because that person will give you challenges you're not used to taking on, Aquarians.

Get ready to have the most exciting experience of your life, but don't take it too seriously either. What they like about you is your ability to laugh at yourselves.


Today's Friday, and your thoughts are revolving more about using the money that's burning in the bank, rather than being efficient at work.

With this mindset so focused on spending money, Aquarians, you'll inadvertently attract extra expenses that you really hadn't considered you'd be making.

Neptune's transition will also create situations around you where you'll be demanded to donate part of your income selflessly. Is there a relative of yours going through hard times? You won't be able to look away from this situation for much longer...


If you've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, you need to consider that you might create a loss of balance in your energy depending on where you get it, Aquarians.

Of all places possible, the one with the worst consequences is a tattoo on the middle of your chest. It freezes the flow of the heart's chakra, aside from being a delicate area, especially if the tattoo reaches breast tissue.

From a spiritual point of view, tattoos make the ego bigger. You attach to your body an image that will probably be the cause of a fading trend. Turning your skin into a mere decorative item is, deep down, despising your body.