Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You might be accused of being too cold because you don't show your feelings openly. What for? People seem to be waiting for the slightest chance at taking advantage of you. Long ago, you learned that feelings equal weakness.

In your case, following reason in love is more than necessary. Letting go with first impressions might lead you down dangerous roads which are hard to back off from.

This is no paranoia; when you go too fast, you have a beautiful landscape opening up in front of you which quickly turns into emotional dependency. Love needs time, and no one should say the opposite.

Today someone will try to get you involved in an open expression of love, or you might be sort of demanded indirectly to express feelings that you actually don't feel. Hold on, Aquarians!


An important source for creative inspiration will be beauty and anything that's well made. Let yourselves go with your most perfectionist efforts, because they'll give you excellent results.

When the usually clouded mind of Aquarians focuses, you can get extraordinary achievements. So don't waste this gifted chance from the stars.

Even if your trips to and from work are short, they'll give you good ideas. Remember them, or if you can, write them down on paper, because they'll be the starting point of interesting projects, Aquarians. You can always get these sorts of gifts when Uranus is in a good transition.


The Moon's current status will bring you a bit of an alteration in your mood. The anxiety you thought you'd overcome might reappear under this influence. That's why it's best to treat matters of love from your cool mind.

It's not about overcoming anxiety once and for all. You never stop having traces of it in your life. What matters is that you should know how to keep it at bay. Learn to co-exist with it!

To stay as highly energetic as you've been so far, you need to stop your train of thought every now and then. That's how your brain will be able to rest and do its best.

Guided meditation and deep breathing are your best allies. Besides, they'll help you understand what areas of your life you need to get rid of for a proper spiritual development, Aquarians.