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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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When Mercury's calling upon your door, your heart falls into the line of reason. You'll be the one who starts senseless arguments among the two of you.

You love talking and exchanging ideas, so you'll see it as a game, but your partner might feel like you're calling them out or attacking them straight away. Your vision of conversations is interesting, but you should be tactful and not be too radical exposing your thoughts.

Would you like to open up the relationship or redefine some of your old shared habits? Then today's the day to start talking about this, but you should always measure your words.

To our single Aquarians, if you're being seductive and show interest about that person you just met online, unfortunately your communication could be cut off despite your willingness to stay in touch. Don't lose it and show you're still around, even if you can't shine just yet.

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Today's the perfect day to test your wits. The bad thing about this is that you'll tend to be a little dispersed, but that's where the interesting ideas can come from, Aquarians...

If you work somewhere related to arts or artistic creation, there's no better day to try out some risky moves that others will find crazy.

There might be a chance of you finding a home if you've been trying to move for a while. Ask all your friends and acquaintances about it, someone could give you quite the interesting piece of information.


Would you like to quit smoking, but still see it as a far-off goal, Aquarians? Choose to quit as soon as you can, smoking is one of the main causes for death around the world, and that's why there are so many campaigns to avoid it.

You should think that just two days after not smoking at all, your body's main senses start functioning normally again. You perceive smell and taste better if you don't smoke.

Wouldn't you love to appreciate how nice your partner's perfume is, or just their body scent alone? Or tasting all the hidden flavours of that homemade recipe? Add intensity to life by making your senses healthy again, Aquarians. Find some professional help.

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