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Reaching your current love goal and winning the heart of the person you fancied have proven to be difficult to achieve. It can be said that you're on your climax. You're finally dating that person, but it's still early to declare yourselves the champions.

It'll be a while before you can consider your romance a relationship. But that's the nice thing about it, isn't it? Treading on that track together with no rush. Even if you're nervous about not knowing for sure if they're really yours or not...

Leave that anguish aside, because what you've got is a constant progress. Maybe some uncertainty makes you burst out of jealousy sometimes, but it'll be completely unfounded, Aquarians. Control yourselves.


The fact that you're not trained enough yet or just plainly not ready is an excuse. What's the real cause blocking off the path to make your dream come true? Stop fearing success.

It's a day for reflection. You'll be bumping into people linked to your field of expertise who will be great help. They'll clear your mind off doubts on these issues.

Since we're little it's quite the usual thing to hear careless statements from parents who break our self-esteem and make us believe we're not good enough. Analyse your thoughts and get rid of that, Aquarians!

If you're out of work, you need a real attitude change so that the universe gives you the chance to find a good job. Have you been keeping up a defeated attitde for far too long, perhaps? Change is in your hands, Aquarians.


There's an incredibly energized planet arrangement for Aquarians! You'll be full to the brim with energy, but you have to avoid it from working against you.

This will give you a bit of an over-excited day. The slightest click or noise out of the ordinary could make your heart go from calm to a full-on storm. Today you'll need quiet, structured environments.

In this sense, you'll be disturbed by mess, even if you're not aware of it. Wouldn't it be good to devote some of that energy into tidying up your chaos at home?

Besides, carrying around with you a lapis lazuli stone will help your vibrations adjust themselves naturally.