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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 21

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You don't often demand attention. It's a well-known fact that you can be as emotional as a rock sometimes, Aquarians. As soon as you receive some love and affection, you can stay away from the rest of the world for a while...

Today will be quite a different story. You'll be more than ready to be the king or queen of the house, but nobody else knows! You've made them get used to the idea that you don't like expecting anything from anyone. You should ask, because today you'll get everything you want.

Break those self-imposed molds, Aquarians. Pluto's transition in sync with your ascendant planet will make you more aware of your emotional needs.

If you have a partner, they won't need you to tell them that you want cuddles over and over. They're there for you from the very first minute.

Is it hard for you to socialise if you're single? Getting a date might be a little easier if you show your vulnerable side and your desire for real connections, Aquarians. You'll soon cease to be single if you follow this advice.


You'll be shaken around and treated like a lowly employee, but only if you allow that to happen! It's time to put your foot down and raise your voice. Seeing your ego fall makes you suffer, no matter how much you try to pretend you're okay with how things are going.

Don't continue to tolerate injustice and claim what's really yours, Aquarians. Otherwise, the situation will become worse, and your daily life at the office will become impossible to bear, with foul rudeness and comments that no one will even try to hide.

What if the criticism has a real cause? In that case, what are you still doing in there? Send away both your job and the people who just make your day worse, and fly away! You have good chances to find a new job soon.


Those disturbing issues clinging to your head are nothing else but pending ideas.

You tend to hold back what you really think and save it for the mirror. And of course, pain is the only way for the body to express its disagreement against that poor little replacement.

Get some courage, and avoid the passiveness that you normally have in arguments. It's useless to try to keep harmony up if your mental health will be the first victim, Aquarians.

Be more open about what you really feel, because self-trickery is something that slowly but surely drains your power.

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