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You usually think that you have everything under control, but the Magic Horoscope is here to tell you that it won't be the case this time... Everything will turn upside down!

Getting intimate with your partner implies opening the door to worlds that you don't really know just yet. Still, there's a part of you that really wants it. Your curiosity is limitless and you love people who stimulate you mentally.

The best way to take on this blossoming romance is by opening your mind and being real patient. You love getting away at the slightest chance you get, but you know what? You won't give the magic of love a chance to fully burst open into your life like that.

If you have a long-term partner, these influences from the planets will make you get your partner out of their routine whether they like it or not! Deep down, they'll thank you for it...


It's never too late to get into new pathways and businesses, Aquarians. No matter how old you are, listen to that whim that's starting to come up from your inside, because that's where your self-fulfilment and personal bliss come from.

Perhaps you might think you don't have the resources you need, or you're just dreaming too big. Write down on a piece of paper the steps you need to take, and focus your attention on each of them, in their right order. There won't be any room for mistakes that way!

As night falls, you can expect a meet-up or event to happen, where you'll find interesting business proposals, especially if you're out of work, Aquarians. Don't turn down what might sound risky at first.


Does it sometimes happen that, right when you think you've got your diet under control, you've got whims on unhealthy foods?

It's deeply ingrained into you to go against the tide, even if you contradict yourselves in the process! You can't bear or put up with excessively restrictive routines for too long.

Now that you know, the best you can do is eat without following any diets! Eating healthy and following your own schedule, even fatty foods, will help you stay full for longer, Aquarians.

Pair it up with some exercise and you'll always stay fit. Besides, if you follow a healthier diet, you'll avoid the remorse you feel when you give in to your whims.