Aquarius Prediction for 21 October

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You can't keep living with the fear of outsiders hitting back at you. You're very well aware that your actions have become much more limited for a while now. The simple idea of that person finding out gives your body the shivers.

Realise what situation you're in and open your eyes. If you want to go out without your partner and dress a certain way, you're entitled and perfectly allowed to do so!

You should think about whether the relationship you're in is good for you, or even potentially harmful to your emotional and psychological integrity.

Talk about it with people you trust. In the same way, stay alert, because if you're not the ones going through this, someone dear and close to you could be getting into trouble.

Planetary influences are complicated for all air-born signs today...


You'll manage to stretch time to get everything you want done. You'll even get some extra free time! When you're deeply focused on something, Aquarians, you're just unstoppable.

You'll use time better if you set your finances straight instead of going crazy with friends, Aquarians. As the next week draws nearer, you'll be thankful if you follow this piece of advice.

Besides, staying home will allow you to save up and have a pleasant end of the month. You could spend all your money now and ask for a loan later, but that'll only bring you more trouble the next month.


The stars advise Aquarians to have a day as calm as possible. There's signs of accidents that could happen, especially once you step outside.

When crossing streets, wait patiently for the streetlights to chance colours. If you rush, you ignore signals. Don't do it this time.

Avoid someone who just keeps coming back to chat with you. Their emotional vampire index is off the roof. Don't waste your time nor your health by giving them your energy, Aquarians.