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Aquarius Prediction for 21 September

Your Horoscope for Friday
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As native Aquarians, you consider yourselves to have a less conventional mindset than most, and you love the fact that your life partner also dares to think differently in comparison to the rest of the "herd".

What's the problem? When getting into a relationship, emotions aren't as "modern" as thoughts are. You can't change them or influence them as easily, because they've been pre-set since the first days of your childhood.

No matter how happy you want your partner to be, sometimes you can't help being jealous. It's a mistake to think that this is a surefire sign you're in love, but it is true that you care about them...

Don't keep this position any longer and tell them what you think about it, Aquarians. It's time to set some boundaries! You actually hate that your partner flirts with someone else.

For the sake of your emotional health, the stars encourage you to act now and stop pretending like you don't care.


Don't let anyone or anything stop you, Aquarians. No matter how obstacles you see in the path ahead, the eyes in your soul will guide you to know what's your next move. Walk ahead without fearing what people may say, because they can't see what you see.

Get acknowledged with your life story and your wishes. That's the only way you'll ultimately see your dreams come true. People usually fail because they decide to change their mind halfway through. Failure is never real until you leave the set path.

You're at an excellent position to keep trying over and over again, and that's great. Especially more so today, because there'll be people who think they're better than you and they'll try to make you "see the light". Don't let them, Aquarians! They have no idea...


Not all chest pain is a surefire sign of a serious illness, Aquarians. Sometimes it might be that you hit yourselves there without noticing it, or hormones might be making you bloat.

But in any case, don't rule out visiting your doctor. Besides, if you've got breast cancer history in the family, your doctor can tell you how to find early signs through a simple massage.

Men are also possible victims of breast cancer. Even if there's less chances, you shouldn't forget to get a check-up at the slightest suspicious feel around the area, Aquarians.

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