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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 22

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Have you had a deep connection with your partner as of lately? Out of the two of you, you're the one with a more spiritual perspective on life, and you can't believe in a relationship without a real connection.

Other couples might settle for spending hours on end watching TV shows, and you know that that's just fine for a while, but a short one... It's up to you to make magic happen.

Your creative skills will be in favour of thought-inducing conversations thanks to the good connection between Neptune and Pluto.

Do you want today's date to be intense yet entertaining? You'll be gladly surprised by the effects of chatting with some gentle background music... Try it out! Add all the tenderness you've got to your words: lace up your hands with your partner's, look into their eyes...


Certain unexpected events, and most of all, your own self-demands, are burning you out and draining your capacity to react against new incoming hits.

You can't be this much hard on yourselves anymore. Otherwise, despair will just naturally show up, and that attitude will definitely make it hard to go anywhere.

Why don't you slow down? In the midst of the whole storm, it's quite hard to admit that you can't do everything, but it might be your wisest choice.

This doesn't mean that you retreat from the battlefield. Work on your lightest duties and tomorrow you can resume work with extra strength. It's the kind of simple strategy that makes Aquarians fascinated... Apply it to yourselves.


There's a serious cold coming on. As soon as you open your eyes, you'll feel the early signs. Your chances of not even being able to wake up are pretty high, so you can go ahead and call in sick to work.

Focus on getting well. With this in mind, try to play around with your perspective on your current situation.

Seeing things from a distant perspective is important, because even if you give your body several medications and treatments, the source of your problem is nothing but the excess tension and negative thoughts you've been having.

If you spend too much time absorbed into everything you have to do, it doesn't allow you to pay your body the attention it deserves.

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