Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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Be very careful about your relationships, Aquarians. Neptune will slightly cloud the minds of you and your fellow natives, which will make you more likely to get lost in bad communication.

Any hope or fantasy you grow in regards to your relationships will turn into bitter disappointment.

But it won't be all your fault, you might be lied to just to get something out of you.

You need to be extremely careful about who you spend time with and takes your attention. There'll be times around the end of the day when misunderstandings will be the star of the show, although there won't be any heated arguments.

If you're looking for a long-term partner or are about to make a relationship go steady, think it through and never feel the pressure of the circumstances. You're entitled to change your mind if you see that nothing fits into place.


Are your wishes synced up with your willingness to sacrifice? You might want something like crazy, but perhaps the goal you've set is slightly unrealistic.

In the past, you've given your best and your working capabilities were amazing. But time goes by for everyone, and as years have passed, you've inevitably lost part of your drive.

Aquarians, you're absolutely valid and entitled to dream, although your expectations have to go through the filter of real life.

You usually know how to assess things, although you did let go with the false opinions of someone else for a while. Now you know that if you know where your limits are, you'll be able to be more constructive about your life.


Spending too much time worrying is not good for you, nor is it for anyone else. Take the burden off your mind by doing some relaxation techniques, Aquarians.

And if keeping your mind quiet isn't for you, doing some arts and crafts will give you some mental peace and quiet, which you desperately need.

Muscle pain has no other source but bad postures. Because you spend a long while thinking about things, you forget about your body and pay little attention to its signals.

Remember that discomfort is always a sign that there's something going wrong. Try working with the right kind of chair and always try to rest as much as you can to help your body out, Aquarians.