Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Restlessness hits you like a wave that makes you want to change the state of your current relationship, but you can't exactly pinpoint why or what for. You might even feel slightly irritated for no reason.

All this nervousness is here because somewhere inside you, you feel outraged. Monotony and routine have arrived into your relationship, and they're doing nothing? Do they just not love you enough to check what's going on?

Each mind is a different world; what seems obvious to you could go by completely unnoticed by someone else, Aquarians. The stars predict that every little move you make to break routine will be gladly welcomed by your partner.

Would you rather keep your pride high and not move at all, or break the barrier of passiveness and be the ones to bring that much needed change?


A certain sense of apathy in your emotions will unavoidable make you neglect the quality of your work.

You shouldn't let yourselves carry your tasks out automatically. The planets point out that there's a performance review soon to come. If you come out defeated, being made redundant doesn't sound that crazy.

Avoid at all costs to make big investments today, because you could easily regret it. You should keep your mind and ideas clear first, and only after looking at all the pros and cons of the situation should you go ahead and make your move, Aquarians.

If it's about investing in training, take your time and assess a few options. Be careful, because the first choice you find could be a trick.


Too many hours focusing intensely on your chores could seriously wear you out, Aquarians, and anxiety doesn't take too long to show up after that.

You can fight this altered state through meal prep. It could be a good idea to include products with triptophane, which will help you stay calm.

Some foods with this element are, for instance, dairy products, bananas, pineapple, nuts or even animal protein. Food supplements will also be a good source of support to control your moods.